A Barcamp in Lausanne!

BarcampLausanne logoWhat are Barcamps?

Barcamps are unconferences to bring people together to share their knowledge.

Usual conferences:

  • participation fees are quite expensive
  • sessions with presentations planned long time before the D-day
  • speakers “teach” the audience for 45 minutes and then there are 5 minutes for questions

Barcamps (unconferences):

  • every one is free to come and there is no fee!
  • every one can submit a subject and present it. The planning will be made the same day according to the people will.
  • presentations are usually quite short (just to introduce the subject). The emphasize is put on the discussion fallowing. Sessions usually turn into a debate and sharing of knowledge between the participants.

The idea is that no-one is expert (knowing everything) and that all of us can learn something from the others.

What are we going to talk about ?

In so-called barcamps the discussions are usually around web stuff, web development, new technologies, and so on…
Although, since the barcamps idea rose, many other unconferences came up like WineCamp, BlogCamp, MobileDevCamp, EduCamp, TravelCamp, PodCamp

When and where ?

September 29, 2007 (Saturday), 9h30 – 17h00
In Lausanne, Switzerland on the EPFL campus.

How to register ?

Simply go on the wiki page of the event and edit it!
Put there your name and any subject you might want to submit.

See ya there !

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