Deezer : Revolution or semi-evolution ?

Deezer is a complete music library available online that has been realeased this week.

Deezer screenshot

You can listen to almost any song that comes to your mind and for free! This is a big revolution because until now, no web service got such agreements from the music majors.

I won’t go deeper about the details on how they obtained this. If you want to know more you should read this article and this one [FR].

What I want to talk about is my impression after testing this service.

Actually, I was quite disappointed. Even really really disappointed! Even though this tool has a powerful advantage, it doesn’t use it as well as it could. Here are some remarks on it’s interface:

no advanced search
It’s quite annoying not to be able to precise if you are looking for an artist, a track or an album… try yourself, it’s quite painful.

no way to view the ratings you gave to tracks
Once you entered a mark there is no distinction between your’s and every one’s. And it seems that you can even give ratings several times to the same track (at least, it’s the impression I got)

votes aren’t significant
If you sort the song by ratings you can usually get the most popular ones out of the others. This is not the case here because the ratings aren’t related to number of votes (at least I guess so). If one guy rated a song 5 stars, it is placed more as popular than a song that has an average of 4.5 but has been rated 1’000 times!

repetition of songs in smart playlists
When you listen to smart playlists, the system sometimes feeds you with the same track twice in a very short period of time.

no extra information about songs
You can’t get much more information than the track name, artist name, and album name. I often use date and track number to sort my music but it isn’t available here. Even the music genre isn’t accessible on each interface (when you listen to a track)

no way to get a popup player
I couldn’t get a player out of the page. If you want to listen to music in background, You have to let a whole page opened.

way behind ‘s features!
Finally, this platform is way behind iLike, pandora or’s features. For example linking the similar artists is very useful when you want to listen to music form the same genre. And I haven’t spoken yet about events, gigs, lists of tracks you recently listened to…

In the end this is still an improvement because you can listen to entire tracks. But the points I mentioned make me say that this platform is not the big revolution that some are announcing. At least not yet but it’s a good step.

Edit : Sice I wrote this article, a lot has happened:
Finaly, Deezer didn’t get all the rights for the music yet [FR]
A firefox plugin to download music on deezer has come out !

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